Deciding on the Best Breakfast

No anti-oxidants in sight

Experts say we must eat breakfast. The theory is that skipping breakfast will lead to more calories consumed during the day. I’m not convinced by this. I think hunger dissipates when your mind is occupied – morning workouts, getting dressed for the office, sorting out kid paraphernalia, rushing to meetings – are all highly effective distractions. It is boredom that leads to mindless noshing. On the other hand, maybe we are genetically programmed to fuel up when prepping for the hunt (finding the right piece of caselaw, designing the perfect exhibit .. who knows when a snowstorm may decide to trap me here for months). Sort of like how some people I know must first go to the toilet before they start any project.

My personal over-generalization on things: Asians like savoury and carb-laden foods for breakfast. Noodles, dim sum, rice and curry chicken – all fair game and tends to be cheap in Asia but a giant bib is required to protect your crisp, white shirt. North Americans love granola, cereal, bread, high sugar stuff, venti coffees, after pounding out an hour on the treadmill. Londoners bury their noses in paper bags of mysterious cosmopolitan treasures on the Underground or while stuck on some ringroad. Romantic Europeans are more disposed towards small, punchy espressos and a little flaky pastry (which could yield 400 calories, though the sought-after flakiness means half of it remains on your dish/lap) – and will happily stand at the bar to drink in order to pay less. Dutchies like chocolate sprinkles on bread (efficient ratio of calories to euro). Supermodels do black coffee and cigarettes and don’t roll out of bed for less than $10,000.


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