Lemon and Hot Water – Day 1


Can This Really Combat …

After two weeks of debauchery involving birthday cakes and All-You-Can-Eat Korean buffets, I reckoned Tuesday was a good day to jump back onto the health wagon. When I read the food journals of celebs, fitness gurus, anyone who made it on the cover of Shape, it seems they always start the day off with lemon and hot water. Though there’s much ado about cleansing and whatnot, I’m not at all interested in “detox” because all this “flushing out” business to me, is really just a business. (could always just down a couple of fresh guavas* …).

There are all sorts of reasons why we should. But I think for a healthy habit to stick, we need to find our own reasons for doing it. My reasons:

(1) It tastes darn good. Fresh lemon really rocks. Even as a confirmed lazy ingredient-substitutor, I won’t swap lemon concentrate for the real deal. Although I must admit, the seeds are a pain. Occasionally, I just swallow them**.


This and ….

(2) There’s a virtuous and spiritual feeling that comes after I finish my glass. Weird? Try it and tell me you don’t feel it.

And the zinger…

(3) Somehow it led to a total consumption of 1,425 calories today. Yes, yes, correlation is not causation. We’ll have to truck on with the trials and see.

*Not written by a health professional. Do not take as medical advice. In fact, don’t do this at home.

** Really, truly, don’t do this at home.




2 thoughts on “Lemon and Hot Water – Day 1

  1. Looks so delicious (the two pictures with a lot of food!) 😛
    I did lemon and hot water with a little bit of olive oil every morning for a while, I don’t know why I stop… The acupuncturist told me It would help to stop my acne… it works, didn’t notice that until the day I stop! I really need to get back on that stuff!


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