Saying I Do …


A waste of paper

… Want My Receipt.

One strange thing that happens on a regular basis in many grocery stores across NL is that checkout cashiers will ask you “Do you want your receipt?” Or something like “Wilt u het bonnetje”? In the early days, I was confused and a little flummoxed by the question, so my answers tended to range from a hesitant “no” (trying to fit into my new community) to a more aggressive “of course” while raising an eyebrow to telepathically communicate the unsaid “why on earth would you even ask”?

When I hear this question, I hear:

(1) Do you want to effectively waive your statutory rights in this purchase and sale agreement?

(2) Do you want to be unable to return any dodgy nectarines you may have bought today?

(3) Do you want to be unable to check the accuracy of your transactions today?


Not a waste of paper

The rationale behind this question is apparently to reduce paper consumption. A noble cause, one that I too would champion, but for the inherent discrepancy in overall behaviour of the firms claiming to promote it. (See reams of promo pamphlets and cardboard farm animals filling up bins across the city.)

To me, it’s a clever cost-saving strategy on the part of the stores. No receipt, no claim. Unless you are the really intrepid sort who does not fear causing a scene at your local supermarket, swearing that the beetroot salad you bought yesterday (but disposed of the packaging as garbage collectors were coming in the morning), did in fact cause you food poisoning.

So, guys and gals, its time to say “I Do!” (“Ja, graag” will suffice.)


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