Lemon and Hot Water – Some Conclusions

Over a month ago, I was experimenting with drinking lemon juice and hot water first thing in the morning. I kept this up somewhat religiously for about three weeks, but stopped because I had a niggling flu for a little while. At that point, I experienced a painful tongue and wasn’t sure whether it was due to all that acid in the lemon! To be on the safe side, I took a short break. Since then, I have recovered and this has become more of a sporadic habit.

However, I will report that there have definitely been positive effects of this practice. I found that I snacked less capriciously in the morning and overall, it set a good tone for the day. As a result, the unforgiving second-skin skinnies are have been promoted the front of the closet again. (Best look for knee high winter boots, so it’s about time!)

Why I reckon it’s an effective habit:

  • It’s all about the ritualistic process. As Mireille Guiliano (author of French Women Don’t Get Fat) would say, “Il faut des rites”. We need our rituals to anchor the routine down for the day. Starting the morning off with a painless, effortless, delicious drink gets the motivation train running, and somehow we’re able to resist the bag of kruidnoten. (French women totally do get fat, by the way, but this does not detract from the advice).
  • Contrary to what I’d always thought about acidic food and drinks, it has an appetite-dampening effect.
  • Takes quite a bit of time to consume, so you end up saving the mocha latte for later in the day.
  • Breath ends up fresh as a daisy.

Love lemons!


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