The nicest bed I’ve ever slept in – gave me the worst night’s sleep ever 


Aspria Royal La Rasante .. room 11 – I’ll be back in 4 years!

This bed bore witness to the dynasties of magnificent forests. Its solid wooden posts made function-less spikes protruding out of a bed frame seem so relevant and necessary. The mattress was huge, firm, tangy, and the sheets the best silk cotton could be. Stepstools were even provided. 

Alas, I hadn’t realized that the sofa bed we initially planned for Petit-homme was located on the ground floor – 20 steps down an equally hardy wooden staircase….

A toddler sleeping in between his parents sounds awfully sweet but I can say, never again! How on earth do parents who share beds with their kids do it? (A very Asian thing as I’ve recently discovered – quite a few of my friends here sleep with their kids – plural!) 

Hyperactive bouncing, flailing arms, surprise thumps with teddy bears, emergency pees – were all part of the agenda for the night. Every time I drifted off, a stuffed animal landed on my face. It took 3 hours, two trips to the loo, a carton of milk, threats, whimpers, more threats till silence finally reigned for the night. 

Lessons learnt, no more split level hotel rooms, and little Thomas the Tank engine bed comes along next time.