Welcome to Wandering Almond!

When I introduce myself to someone for the first time, the story tends to get a little long-winded as birthplace doesn’t match up with ethnicity which is incongruous with mother tongue and doesn’t obviously correlate with citizenship which has even less to do with current abode. So, in short, this blog is a chronicle of thoughts from the perspective of an Asian-Canadian living in Europe.

In the past few decades, I’ve hopped around every 3-4 years throughout Asia, North America, UK and Continental Europe. This experience has been a cornucopia of peaks, dips and surprises at every turn. Just goes to show that no matter how you may try to design your life, fate sometimes likes to gate-crash.

As an international lawyer and expatriate, it has become both nature and need to engage in daily analyze-and-contrast exercises, in the hope that I’ll keep learning and adapting. My ultimate goal here is to write about the things, issues, and events that are striking to someone who calls everywhere and nowhere home. To your disappointment I’m sure, the Vienna Conventions may not always feature.

I love culture and politics. I enjoy running and tennis. I believe shopping is a journey of self-discovery. I think good music, especially the kind you create yourself, is fundamental to a happy life. I am mad about food and travel. I adore languages, but some more than others.

Currently, I am stationed in The Hague, Netherlands with my husband. Our little son was born here recently, adding to life’s excitement [exhaustion] and evolution. This is certainly a new phase for me – parenthood being the most foreign of foreign lands. Every day just gets curiouser and curiouser.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll enjoy roaming around with me!



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