Charging Your Electric Car


“When not tethered for 2.3 hours, I can go from 0-100 in 5.5 secs.”

electric car

I didn’t realize how many electric cars there were in The Hague until recently. Almost every morning and evening on my way out and back home, I see cars drawing energy from life support machines. These electric car charging stations are now ubiquitous. The Municipality has announced its 500th charging point in The Hague. This has sensitized my ear to the electric whirr of cars on the streets. (In general, The Hague drivers tend to trot along at a leisurely pace so there’s plenty of opportunity to capture the nuances of individual car engines.)

This is all part of an effort of the City to become a carbon neutral city by 2040. A commendable goal and one that seems to be gaining significant traction. I’m still pondering over the lifestyle fit of an electric or hybrid vehicle. My first concern, the difficulty of travelling long distances, may be alleviated by some leasing programs that allow you to rent a “normal” car for free or a nominal amount when required. Second, the anxiety of having to roam around looking for a “free charging spot” and the hours required to charge up a car, may occupy a fair bit of headspace. Happily, cities are coming up with solutions like charging point availability apps and programs to build more stations near (or in) your home.